This dress is my second trip to the Viking Age and is not completely finished yet. On the photos, you can see it in the state I did wear it on the “Slawentage” in the museum in Oldenburg/Holstein in Germany. I used the books about the excavations at Haithabu to make the outfit. However, there is a small mistake on the neckline, which I have to fix soon.

Wiki Blau Baum

The dress is made of blue and black linen and handsewn with linen thread. In order to make it wider on the hem, I added four gores. The rest is rather tight-fitting. As a result, I needed only 2,2 yards of fabric. Further, the small applications are made with natural-dyed wool, which I buyed. Some time in the future, I want to dye my own wool and fabric. In addition to the basic dress, I wear the sleevesless dress from my first Viking dress, because I ran out of time. I already started a separate overdress of blue linen.  To complete the look, I wear a long belt, a bag made by me out of wool, and my Viking shoes, which were made by my boyfriend.

To make your own Viking Outfit, you can start with this (German) how-to basic dress. Anleitung Mittelalter Basiskleid


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