This page deals with the decoration on the dress and the accessoires.

Padme Schicht 4

Part 1: Brooch

After finishing the underpinnings, I had some problems with the shipping of materials, so I had to do something different in the meantime. As a result, i started the brooch, because I already had all of the material. It is on the back of the dress and holds together the huge sleeves. I think it should habe 4-5 inches in diameter, but I could not find the right size of beads, so I had to scale it up to about 6 inches.

Padme Brosche Skizze

First of all, I needed a base, so I chose some synthetic felt in black, that i had in my stash. There is a little hill in the middle of the brooch, but a ball did not meet the look, so I cut an Polystyrene egg into two pieces and did use the smaller under part, which was about 1.5 inches in diameter.

Padme Styroporei

I wanted to cover the egg with the Polyester taffetta. Finally, I did use the felt afain, because the Polyester did not work. However, the fabric glue did not work, so I chose some glue I already had, which was a big mistake, because Polystyrene reacts chemically with this stuff. Kay-Dee already wrote it on her page, but i did not translate it the way it was meant. Finally, the damage was acceptable, so I sewed the egg on the felt.

Padme Styroporei Filz

In the next step, i covered the egg with the second box of sequins. Unfortunately, the chemical reaction mentioned above did have some influence on the sequins as well.

Padme Brosche innerer Kreis

To cover the line between the egg and the base layer, a circle of Rocaille-beads was sewn on. It is a package of „Pracht Creatives Hobby“ with a weight of 17gr, which was more than enough material. The color is called „montanblue“ and hast he No. 9277-4. The size (2,6mm) is bigger than the original, but fits in well.

Padme Brosche zweiter Kreis

Next came the bigger part with three rows of black sticks. They are 6,75mm long and have the No. 7091.05.86 by „Rico“. Unfortunately, the package with 17gr did only work for half of the circle. It is surrounded by Rocailles beads, too.

Padme Brosche Stabpailletten

The outer part of the brooch is divided up into 16 parts, each of which has a small flower made of seven sequins. Afterwards, I had to separate it from the frame and cut it into the shape it should have later.

Padme Brosche Blüten

In the next step, I had to sew another couple of Rocaille-beads next to the border. It is finished now! By the way, it is hard to tell how long I actually worked on the brooch, but I would guess it took more than 10 hours.

Padme Brosche fertig 3


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