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Welcome to my Blog!

Here you will find instructions, tips, and tricks for making cosplays, historical dresses, costumes, and props, as well as pictures of my own creations. Essentially, there’s information on everything I wished I had when starting out in this hobby, and I write about topics that still interest me after over 15 years in the hobby. Currently, there are over 60 free sewing tutorials with patterns available. Most of my approximately 100 costumes have their own page, and often you can also find corresponding making-of documentaries there. Feel free to browse through the menu.

Keep in mind: Sewing and managing this blog are my hobbies. Therefore, I have varying amounts of time throughout the year and sometimes need a while to respond to emails and comments. Nonetheless, I enjoy interacting with other costume enthusiasts. So, don’t hesitate to check the imprint for my email address.

Please note that I do not make costumes on commission and I do not lend out my works.

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