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New: Instagram @fjalladiscosplay

This costumes are in progress and can be seen soon:

  • Cosplay: Queen Hippolyta’s Armor from Wonder Woman
  • Historical: Embroidered woolen gown, 18th-century
  • Finished: 1912s Riding Habit inspired by Lady Mary from Downton
  • Finished: 1870s Riding Habit





  •  22.11.17
  •  14.11.17
  •  29.10.17
  •  19.09.17
  •  14.9.17
  •  09.08.17
  •  08.07.17
    • Finally I decided to continue the Star Wars Ep. II Padme Senate Gown, as can be seen on the Padme Senate WIP.
    • Immediately, page 6 was created to show progress on the embroidery of the tabard.
  •  07.07.17
    • New: I created an Instagram account named @fjalladiscosplay
  •  25.06.17
  •  21.06.17
  • Update 13.06.17
    • Athena is no longer alone. We made a costume suitable for the Greek God Hades.
  • Update 06.06.17
  • Update 28.05.17
  • Update 29.04.17
  • Update 12.04.17
    • The Athena goddess photos are online now and can be seen on the cosplay’s page.
  • Update 11.04.17
  • Update 26.03.17
  • Update 24.03.17
  • Update 18.03.17
  • Update 13.03.17
    • As I already mentioned, I am still working on the Ciri project, because the next occasion to wear it is coming soon.
  • Update 11.03.17
    • At the day of the party, the main parts were wearable. You can see it on the page of the Ciri project.
    • In addition, I could improve the quality of some Yennefer project photos.
    • All of the photos shown when you click on a finished costume’s page have improved measurements.
  • Update 07.03.17
    • Although I needed some more time than expected, I can present some progress on the Ciri project.
  • Update 05.03.17
    • The trousers and the shirt of the Ciri project are finished now.
  • Update 02.03.17
    • My Witcher medaillon arrived today. However, I do not have a lot of progress on the Ciri project to present to you.
  • Update 01.03.17
    • Today I received my fabric for the Ciri project and finally started sewing.
  • Update 28.02.17
    • Since my fabric did not arrive yet, I could only work on some of the extra parts for the Ciri project.
  • Update 27.02.17
  • Update 26.02.17
  • Update 25.02.17
    • Even before finishing Yennefer I already started another character from Witcher 3. Progress can be seen on the Ciri making-of page.
  • Update 24.02.17
    • In the last week I altered a pair of boots to wear with the Yennefer Outfit, which you can see in the making-of.
  • Update 10.02.17
    • Ten buttons are now sewn to the Yennefer Jacket. Besides, I received my medaillon. This can be seen on the Yennefer making-of.
    • By the way, I finally started the Jamie outfit from Outlander. Soon, I will post some making-of information on this project, too.
  • Update 04.02.17
  • Update 02.02.17
  • Update 29.01.17
  • Update 27.01.17
  • Update 22.01.17
    • Some Progress on Yennefer, that you can see in the making-of section.
  • Update 21.01.17
    • I started my Yennefer cosplay from Witcher 3 some weeks ago and decided to make a detailed making-of parallel to the sewing.
  • Update 02.01.17


  • End of 2016: I wish you nice holidays and a good start into 2017!
  • Update 02.12.16
    • News and Updates section started in English.

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