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PotC Plum Pirate Gown

Finally the second version of the dress is done! I already wrote a detailed article about the project’s long history on this page, where you will find a lot of construction details, too. In addition, I recommend to visit the Rum Island Shift page, because this dress is worn underneath, although you do not see a lot of it until Elizabeth stops wearing the outer garment.

Both dresses are presented to her by Captain Barbossa when she is taken prisoner on his ship. Therefore, it is not a normal piece of fashion, but has a special Pirate-like style. In the movie, the garment is made of silk, but my version is made of taffetta. I added some lace on the inside. Furthermore, the front part of the bodice has a second layer made of cotton and lace.

This is similar to the skirts: While the outer one is made from taffetta and sewn to the bodice, the inner skirt is made of cotton and is a separate piece of clothing. A lot of lace was sewn to the front panel. In contrast to the normal length of the inner layer, the taffetta has a small train and is looped up. Furthermore, I used a lot of decoration to imitate the movie costume, such as lace, golden trim, buttons and soutache braiding.

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