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Blue Viking Dress

Finally done! I started this project in 2016 when preparing for the Slavic days at Oldenbourg (see my Brunja Dress, Simple Dress and Winter Dress), but ran out of time, so I did only wear a very unfinished version of the dress on the last day of the event. Afterwards, I could not motivate myself to work on medieval garments for a while. Years passed, and I packed the dress for a sewing party, where I finally finished it.

It all started with a dark blue basic dress. However, the fabric did shrink a lot and was too short, so I added some contrasting material to the seam and some other spots of the dress, were I wanted to add some decoration anyway. These parts match the color of the linen overdress, which is cut very close fitting by using darts. It can be closed with a cord and handworked buttonholes on one side.

By the way, the whole outfit is worked by hand with linen thread. In addition, I added a lot of embroidery that is quite simple, but nearly everywhere. The overdress is held up with the help of a pair of golden brooches, that I purchased online. They are the only part of the dress that is not based on the excavation reports of Haithabu.

To complete the outfit, I wear my viking leather shoes made by my boyfriend. I really love them due to the comfortable fitting. If you want to start your own medieval wardrobe, you should check out my turorials, although most of them are only available in German at the moment.

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