Cosplay & Historic Dresses



1850-55 Farmer’s Dress

1770s Italian Gown

Thor Armor

Embroidered Viking

1850s Velvet Dress

1861 Wool Gown

1869 Ikea Flower Bustle

1840s Day Dress

1912 Lady Mary Riding Habit

1870s Riding Habit

Friede from Dark Souls III

Viking Plaid Dress

Skyrim Scale Armor

Seeress Skade

Viking Woolen Underdress

Viking Woolen Dress

Viking Coat

Rania (DnD Witch)

ESO Armor

Victoria Ballgown


Ash RainbowSix

AC Odyssey Kassandra

Blue Bustle Day

Blue Bustle Ball

Blue Bustle Evening

Tudor Dress

Wonder Woman Cloak

Lady of Winterfell

Freya God of War

Wonder Woman Dress

Wonder Woman Armor

Flower Anglaise

Pierrot Jacket

Turn Gown new

Blue Viking Dress

PotC Plum Pirate Gown

PotC Rum Island Shift

Purple Rococo

Rococo Zone Front

Witcher 3 – Succubus

Tomb Raider (new)

Blue Robe à l’Anglaise – Version 2

Dark Souls – Pyromancer

1950s Tartan Dress


News and Updates

Rococo Riding Coat

Simple Quaker Dress

Elise de la Serre

Viking sewing dress

Viking Winterdress

Tournure Dinnerversion

Tournure Ballgown

Dagmar of Denmark

Highland Outfit

Claire Fraser – Outlander

Williamsburg Jacket

Brunja (Viking dress)

Marie Pauline Bonaparte – Empire

Faustina – Roman dress


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