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Claire Fraser – Outlander

When I saw the Series Outlander the first time, I wanted to do nearly all of the costumes Claire and several other characters wear in Season 1. In the beginning, I made my sketches screen-accurate, but then I turned to historical accuracy. Therefore, I started to change my plans. I ended up with three different outfits. However, only this one looks like the first sketches, so I named it my Claire Fraser Cosplay/dress whatever.

Rot Hinten 700

The outfit consists of several layers. The underpinnings are the same for all three outfits, so I will simply copy and paste this passage. Therefore, you can skip to the next one, if you already read it. The first one is a shift made of linen and sewn by hand with linen thread. I used the designs given in “Costume close-up” and “Fitting and Proper” as a basic and changed them to my size. Next, I wear Stays based on Diderots pattern. A bumroll is the next layer, followed by a simple under-petticoat like the one shown in “Fitting and Proper”. In contrast to the series, I wear a kerchief all time, which is made of thin cotton. Like the under-petticoat, it was sewn by hand with linen thread. I hope to create a page for the rococo underpinnings  some time in the future. In the meantime, there will be no photos.

All three jackets are made with the pattern given in “Costume close-up”, which is based on an original garment dated to 1775-85. I did only have to make the sleeves wider. In order to make the three ensembles look differently, I changed some details. E.g. this jacket has cuffs added, so that it looks more like mid-century clothing and therefore fits better in the time Outlander is set. In addition, I did not sew button holes, but added some structure in the inner part, so that it can be closed both with needles or laced. The stomacher is made from some leftover fabric of my Polonaise. The outer fabric is some leftover linen as well, the lining is simple off-white linen. All was sewn by hand with linen threads using the instructions on historical accurate techniques given in the book. In order to make the outfit more complete, I can wear mitts, a straw hat and an apron made of white linen.

This last photo was taken by theincrediblehaug, thanks a lot (editing by me).




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  1. sonja 16. July 2019

    You have created a very Beautiful costume … Thank you for Sharing ..

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