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Williamsburg Jacket

As I already mentioned in the Claire Fraser Outlander post, I wanted to make some clothing from the series but ended up doing three different designs only loosely based on my first sketches and the movie costumes. In fact, this one was more inspired by a jacket in the Colonial Williamsburg Collection. Its pattern is shown in “Costume close-up”, along with some very detailed construction photos and information on recreating the piece. However, I did not copy the exact design of the fabric for several reasons. E.g. I wanted to work only with leftover fabric and materials I already had, so I ended up hand-painting off-white linen. It is the same one used as a lining in the Claire jacket and this one. The whole jacket was sewn by hand with linen thread. The button holes are made with blue linen thread, while I made the cord of cotton. The stomacher is made of the same hand-painted fabric. I already had a blue cotton skirt to go with this outfit, but it was machine-sewn. Finally, I did unpick it and sew it again per hand.

Weiß Hinten 700

The outfit consists of several layers. The underpinnings are the same for all three outfits, so I will simply copy and paste this passage. Therefore, you can skip to the next one, if you already read it. The first one is a shift made of linen and sewn by hand with linen thread. I used the designs given in “Costume close-up” and “Fitting and Proper” as a basic and changed them to my size. Next, I wear Stays based on Diderots pattern. A bumroll is the next layer, followed by a simple under-petticoat like the one shown in “Fitting and Proper”. In contrast to the series, I wear a kerchief all time, which is made of thin cotton. Like the under-petticoat, it was sewn by hand with linen thread.




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