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Rania (DnD Witch)

Some of you may be familiar with Dungeonas&Dragons or other types of Pen&Paper Roleplay. I have been playing in a group for several years now and somehow my character is one of the last survivors of our campaign (so far). Therefore, I decided to create a cosplay for her.

However, my design was limited to the description of my magical armour, mainly containing “leather and buckles“. So I created this outfit:

My witch is a rather proud person, so I wanted to show she is a woman, while trying to keep her outfit practical. Therefore, I combined a skirt with trousers and a corset. At the same time, she wears boots and decides to not wear huge sleeves you may know from typical fantasy settings.

I added the furry cloak originally made for my Wonder Woman cosplay. Except for the trfousers and the boots, everything was designed and created by myself.

Thanks to Nils for taking a ton of photos while we were having nearly zero degrees in Germany.

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