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I crafted my first cosplay in winter 2007/08 and took my first sewing course in the following spring. At that time, my main goal was to recreate film costumes or put together an outfit for the many medieval markets. However, over time, I made a more precise distinction between historical clothing and cosplay/fantasy attire. You can actually see this transformation quite well through the image gallery on the homepage.

By the way, the artist name Fjalladis comes from Icelandic and is actually pronounced quite differently than it is spelled. Since no one can remember that, I now pronounce it the way I like it. Artistic freedom, so to speak.

Thanks to my university degree in history, I have a very good “toolbox” when working with sources and academic literature, which I can use when developing costume ideas. However, I am not omniscient, and there are certainly a few mistakes to be found on these pages, especially when the research gets an update or when there are controversial topics that I can only simplify on a website. So, don’t hesitate to engage in conversation with me.

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