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Gothic Rococo Dress

This dress is nicknamed after a famous German cake, because the colors (dark – violet – white) match very well. Three different styles of 18th century fashion were mixed in order to create a gothic-like look. Although the back is cut à l’Anglaise, the front looks like the famous Robes à la Francaise with stomachers and an open over gown. The dress is made of polyester taffeta, but has a shiny effect like silk. I used about 7 yards of black and 3 yards of violet fabric. All in all, the decoration ruffles have a length of 20 yards. The flowers are made by hand as well. In addition, beads were sewn to them.

It was a lot of work, but I think it was worth the time. The lining consists of cotton fabric. In order to give it more strength, some tunnels with cable ties were added. It has to be worn with stays. For very formal occasions, the dress can be worn over a hoop petticoat or a similar underpinning and stays. But for informal days, it can simply be worn over a large pad and the second petticoat made of violet taffeta to create a Robe à la Polonaise look.






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