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On this page I want to show you some old projects I turned into new dresses for several reasons. I want to show you that you can always improve your outfit. Sometimes, you only have to add some extra trim or change the sleeves in order to make the dress look new. Often, I finish dresses the last day before the event I’d like to wear them. Therefore, they are finished, but need some extras. However, I often do not work on them for years while beeing unhappy about the unfinished state until I decide to work on the project again.

On the other hand, there are dresses that are finished but did not turn out the way I wanted them to be – or they did but I do not like to wear them. My crinoline dresses are a good example. I really love the shape and the fabrics used in this era, but I do not love the way the look on me. I somehow feel like a princess in this dresses and costumed, so that it is no longer me in this outfit. Therefore, I started to make something new out of them.

You can read the detailed stories when clicking on the links below. Maybe you have some unfinished project as well?

Leather Armor – reimprovement (under construction)

1862 Riding Habit – corset or no corset? (under construction)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Plum Pirate Gown Version 1 vs. Version 2

King’s Landing Dress – some details make a new dress (under construction)

One pattern – a hundred variations (under construction)

When thinking about making a cheap new dress, you can also be interested in this page: How to find cheap material (under construction)

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