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I do not like spending a lot of money on patterns I have to change in the end. As a result, I start with a pencil and a piece to paper instead and create it myself. Although padawansguide has some suggestions on patterns, I would always recommend to do it to your measurements. On the drawings, you can see the layers of the outfit.

Padme Schicht 1

For most of my patterns a use symple mathematic principles amd the book „Creating Historical Clothes: Pattern Cutting from Tudor to Victorian Times“. This helps you to create a basic pattern, which you can use not only for the styles presented in the book, but for nearly every garment.

For corsets, I want to recommend the book „Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body“. I always choose a size smaller than the author suggests, because otherwise there would be no lacing gap in the back. You can read more on page 3.

I draw the Spanish Farthingale myself and posted in on the (German) page for sewing instructions. If you do not speak any German, you can simply use the photos, because it is not complicated at all.

Padme Schicht 2

It was far more complicated to get the details right. I had to look at every exhibition photo to get the seams on the right position. The design oft he embroidery made some problems. While I could easily draw it on the pattern oft he sleeves by hand while looking on a very good photo, I could not do this on the tabard, because it was quite long and hard to divide into sections. As a result, I had to enlarge a photo and print it. Then I used a black pencil to make the pixels look like a embroidery pattern again. You can read the Details on pages 6 and 7.

Padme Schicht 3

Dear readers, please understand that I cannot upload all of my patterns. The farthingale is for free, but the others are far more complicated. I simply cannot present them in a number of different sizes. In addition, I was working on them countless hours. But if you have any questions concerning constructions, please send an E-Mail.

Padme Schicht 4

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