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Blue Robe à l’Anglaise

Robe à l’Anglaise

After the simple black Round Gown I wanted to make something “bigger”. Thefore, I buyed two curtains (cotton-linen mixture) from Ikea and started to create this dress based on my Rococo pattern. This time, I made a pair of hoops, so that the open front of the gown would look wider and reveal a beautiful petticoat. These work as pockets as well.

Again, I made a hat in the “Bergere”-style, which has been reworked last year. I wear it with a white kerchief, my stays and a blouse. The photos were taken by talented photographer Jannis, a dear friend of mine. You can find his work on Instagramm named exjayes or by looking at his online collection.

The outfit is machine-sewn and therefore not a museum replica, but it is 80% historically accurate, I’d say, and noone will see the small details I made wrong. In addition, I did sew some parts by hand to hide the machine-sewing.

As a second option, I can turn the dress into a Robe à la Polonaise, which means that the skirt is lifted up. Therrfore, a second petticoat of blue cotton was made, that fits the color of the hat.

Anglaise Hut 700

Some years later, I added ruffles to the neckline (which I made wider as well) and the sleeves. The sleeve-opening reveal a white lace , which would originally be sewn to the chemise worn underneath, but here it is attched to the dress.






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  1. Megan Martin 19. September 2017

    What a lovely gown! That fabric is fantastic. Love the whole look! 😀

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